Faculty Awardees


falcon headshot Sylvanna Falcón

 Associate Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies 

"Human Rights in the Americas"

rivas headshot

Cecilia Rivas

 Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies 

 "Spatial Shifts: Vitalismo and Modernity in El Salvador”

schaeffer headshot Felicity A. Schaeffer

 Associate Professor, Feminist Studies

 “Techno-Visions in Feminist Materialist Debates and Border Patrol”


Rebecca Covarrubias HeadshotRebecca Covarrubias

Assistant Professor, Psychology

"Latinos/as in Education:  Transforming the American Classroom"

Cindy Cruz HeadshotCindy Cruz

Associate Professor, Education

"Suveillance and Safety"

Dana Frank HeadshotDana L. Frank

Professor, History

"Human Rights and US Policy in Post-coup Honduras"


Flora Lu HeadshotFlora Lu

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies

"Refined Reflections:  Latino Experiences of Environmental Injustice in North Richmond, CA"

Felicity Amaya Schaeffer HeadshotFelicity Amaya Schaeffer

Associate Professor, Feminist Studies

"Tracking Migrants:  Law, Surveillance Technologies, and Deviant Bodies"

Jessica Taft HeadshotJessica Taft

Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies

"Equality and Children's Difference:  Intergenerational Relationships in the Peruvian Movement of Working Children"


Sylvanna Falcon HeadshotSylvanna Falcón

Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies

"Building a Human Rights Culture in Peru"

MOHara.HeadshotMatthew D. O'Hara

Associate Professor, History

"The History of the Future in Mexico"

CRivas.HeadshotCecilia M. Rivas

Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies

"Salvadoran Imaginaries:  Mediated Identities and Cultures of Consumption"